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UHQ Stills From Episode 4×05 of Arrow “Haunted”   Leave a comment

Here are UHQ stills from episode 4×05 of Arrow, titled “Haunted”. We posted these before, but they were in MQ.  There are also 5 new ones. 


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Flashback Post: Set Pictures + Videos of Stephen Amell (Casey Jones) on the Set of TMNT 2   Leave a comment

Here are some set photos and videos of Stephen Amell on TMNT 2.


From Screenrant:

Arrow star Stephen Amell just spent the majority of a rollercoaster third season wrestling his duties protecting Starling City as a masked crime fighter with a “normal” life as Oliver Queen. That identity struggle culminated in an epic season finale that will have huge repercussions for the future of Ollie and the rest of Team Arrow moving forward. Chief among them: the promise from showrunner Mark Guggenheim that season four will have a lighter tone, and a statement from Amell himself promising he was done with the ‘Arrow’ persona.

That doesn’t mean he’s finished playing comic book heroes, having signed on to play Casey Jones, the rough-and-tumble street vigilante with a heart of gold in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. Producer Michael Bay – released an official look at Amell dressed in the familiar hockey mask, and now a slew of new images have surfaced from the sequel’s set, providing more great looks at Amell in costume as well as some more TMNT characters.

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Awesome Arrow Edits Made by ‏@xsupersarah   Leave a comment

Here are some awesome Arrow edits, made by xsupersarah. You can find all her edits on her Tumblr here. You should definitely check it out, there’s a lot more there. 


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Arrow in Entertainment Weekly   Leave a comment

Here’s a “scan” of Arrow and The Flash in Entertainment weekly. 


Source via SAEBRFan 

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The Winner of Our Giveaway is…   Leave a comment


We used to pick the winner of the prize pack and the winner  is… 



Congratulations Liliana! We’ll be contacting you by email shortly. 


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230+ Screencaps From Stephen Amell’s Latest Facebook Video   Leave a comment

Here are 230+ screencaps from Stephen Amell’s latest Facebook video. 


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NEW Facebook Video of Stephen Amell ’45 Minutes’   Leave a comment

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