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*New* Spoilers From Arrow/The Flash Crossover   Leave a comment


From KSite TV

Here are a few not-extremely-spoilery thoughts of what to expect, in no particular order:

1. “Your city.” Barry and Oliver both seem to default who takes a leadership role based on whose city it is in. There are other minor character moments between other characters adjusting to new locales – for example, Cisco wants to take charge at the computer, which Felicity will have none of.

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*New* Pic of Stephen Amell With a Fan   Leave a comment

Here’s a new pic of Stephen Amell with a fan. 


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NEW Fan Pic of Stephen Amell Last Night in Vancouver 11-30-15   Leave a comment

Here is a new fan pic with Stephen Amell.


  Hope got some rest last night. He looked tired, but he still stopped for fans.


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Greg Berlanti Talks About Biggest Emotional Story Arrow Has Ever Done + Olicity Challenges   Leave a comment

From TV Line:


The crossover will also uncork “probably the biggest emotional story we’ve ever done on Arrow,” Berlanti teases. (Whether it has to do with the latest reappearance by Oliver’s soon-to-be-named ex-girlfriend, played by Defiance‘s Anna Hopkins, Berlanti was mum, saying only that there is a moment “very akin” to last year’s crossover, where Oliver bumped into his old flame at Jitters, still unaware that she gave birth to and has been raising his child since their forced years-ago split.)

Whatever the nature of the aforementioned “emotional” twist, coming out of this week’s crossover event and heading unto the Dec. 9 midseason finale, Berlanti warns of a new test for Oliver and Felicity.

“What’s been really exciting about the show this year has been dramatizing their relationship, and how that’s informed his journey and her journey,” the prolific producer observes. “Like any relationship, there’s going to be ups and downs and surprises and pitfalls, and they have some real challenges going into the break. but that’s probably all I should say without getting in trouble with my cohorts!”

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Weekly TV Guide For Crossover Episodes of The Arrow and The Flash   Leave a comment


From Collider:

Tuesday, 12/1

The Flash, “Legends of Today” (CW, 8 p.m.) – The time is now! the ArrowThe Flashcrossover episode begins here with Casper Crump’s Vandal Savage attacking Barry (Grant Gustin), Cisco (Carlos Valdes), and Kendra (Ciara Renee), causing the fast one to ask for some help from his friend Oliver (Stephen Amell). But then Hawkman shows up and…oh, just watch the damn episode.

Wednesday, 12/2

, “Legends of Yesterday” (CW, 8 p.m.) – The second part of the ArrowThe Flash crossover episode sees Oliver (Amell), Barry (Gustin), and Savage (Crump) meeting with one another to stop all the chaos that started with Savage’s attack on The Flash and his close friends. Prepare for high-voltage nerding out.

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NEW Video of The Flash/Arrow Preview Tuesday on the CW   Leave a comment

60+ Screencaps of New Arrow/The Flash Cossover Scene with Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin   Leave a comment

Here are some screencaps of Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin in Flarrow crossover scene.

The Flash Legends of Today Scene The CW [Full HD].mp4_000063980

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