A Farewell of Sorts   13 comments

Stephen Amell

We haven’t owned this site for very long. In fact less than a year ago, we decided to help a friend who started it. Various circumstances such as the original owner leaving and owning two other major websites, has brought us to the point where we can’t keep up anymore. Over the past two weeks we’ve had to do major promo on here and another of our other sites. We’ve always done our best and could never accept doing something halfway.

Therefore, sadly, we’ve decided that we have to stop updating this website. It was a hard decision to make and not one we took lightly. This decision is based purely on the time we have available and nothing else. We’re still big fans of Stephen and that won’t change. We’ll keep supporting his work and every thing else he does (charities, etc…) 

Though the site won’t be updated anymore, it will stay up and everything we’ve posted will remain here. Who knows? We might decide to come back at some point. 

Our twitter and Facebook accounts will remain active

We wish all of you the best,

Marie, Sarah, Barbora, Sim, Leanne, Erin and Paige


Posted June 8, 2016 by justfp in Stephen Amell

13 responses to “A Farewell of Sorts

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  1. The work you’ve done has been incredible . Thankyou all so much .. Take care and again A job very well done x

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  2. Mi dispiace tantissimo che non sarete più qui ad aggiornarci. Avete fatto un lavoro straordinario e puntualissimo, non facendoci mai mancare nessuna notizia riguardante il nostra amatissimo Stephen. Infinitamente grazie, e sicuramente continuerò a seguirvi su Facebook e Twitter.


  3. Danke für die Arbeit. Hier war ich immer auf dem Laufenden.


  4. You know my feelings about all of you. You are all so awesome and do so much to keep all of your sites updated. Thank you for all you do, and all you’ve done. Love you all.


  5. I thank you for your hard work and the amount of time it must take to maintain this site. I will be sad to see it no longer updated, but I do follow on your other platforms. Because of this site I have become more aware of Stephen and Arrow in itself. It has helped me join a fandom I did not know I needed and would come to enjoy.


  6. You guys did a great job. I will continue to follow you on Twitter and Facebook.
    Thank you.


  7. Bin am laufenden


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