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The Amelly Nation team is made up of members from all over the world. Below you’ll find our Twitter accounts and more information about each of us. We are fans who run a site for the fans. We don’t consider ourselves staff, as we’re more like a family. Each and every member of Amelly Nation has a special role on the site.

If you click on a name it will bring you to our respective twitter page.

FPOnTheDL: aka Marie, owner of Amelly Nation, creator and owner of ToR and Outlander-Online. Marie lives in Canada.

DreamySim1: aka Sim. Sim lives in the Netherlands and is a graphic designer. She does all the graphic design on this site. She is also the co-owner of ToR with Marie, is part of Outlander-Online and has her own graphic design company.

Slowie: aka B. B lives in Germany and is the co-owner of ToR with Marie and is part of Outlander-Online.

arrowsolicity: aka Sarah Elizabeth. Sarah lives in Canada. She frequents Blue Jay games.


Posted July 22, 2015 by justfp

4 responses to “Meet the Team

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  1. Thank you girls! Love how much effort you put in here.Dedicated to the one and only😉Stephen.


  2. This is amazing. This is a worldwide thing and probably explain how fast you all are at giving us infos. I’ve said it profusely on twitter, but hey, you can’t have too much of good things : I love your site, how you handle things and I’m beyond happy there’s such a serious and smart website to feed my current sliiiight obsession with both Stephen and the show. Give yourselves a good pat on the back, you’ve more than earned it !

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