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We make UHQ (1080p) logo-less episode screencaps. To make them easier for you to find here is a list of the galleries with links to get to them. Be patient, since they are UHQ and each gallery has over 1,000 screencaps, it takes a while for the galleries to load.

When you’re in the gallery and want to get the UHQ version click on the thumbnail at the bottom you’ll see this:


Season 1

1×01 Pilot: Click here
1×02 Honor Thy Father: Click here 
1×03 Lone Gunmen: Click here 
1×04 An Innocent Man: Click here 
1×05 Damaged: Click here
1×06 Legacies: Click here
1×07 Muse of Fire: Click here
1×08 Vendetta: Click here
1×09 Year’s EndClick here
1×10 Burned: Click here
1×11 Trust But Verify: Click here
1×12 Vertigo: Click here
1×13 Betrayal: Click here
1×14 The Odyssey: Click here
1×15 Dodger: Click here
1×16 Dead to Rights: Click here
1×17 The Huntress Returns: Click here
1×18 Salvation: Click here 
1×19 Unfinished Business: Click here
1×20 Home Invasion: Click here
1×21 The Undertaking: Click here 
1×22 Darkness on the Edge of Town: Click here
1×23 Sacrifice: Click here 

Season 2

2×01 City of Heroes: Click here 
2×02 Identity: Click here
2×03 Broken Dolls: Click here
2×04 Crucible: Click here
2×05 League of Assassins: Click here
2×06 Keep Your Enemies Closer: Click here 
2×07 State v. Queen: Click here
2×08 The Scientist: Click here
2×09 Three Ghosts: Click here
2×10 Blast Radius: Click here
2×11 Blind Spot: Click here
2×12 Tremors: Click here
2×13 Heir to the Demon: Click here
2×14 Time of Death: Click here
2×15 The Promise: Click here
2×16 Suicide Squad: Click here
2×17 Birds of Prey: Click here
2×18 Deathstroke: Click here 
2×19 The Man Under the Hood: Click here
2×20 Seeing Red: Click here 
2×21 City of Blood: Click here 
2×22 Streets of Fire: Click here 
2×23 Unthinkable: Click here 

Season 3

3×01 The Calm: Click here 
3×02 Sara: Click here 
3×03 Corto Maltese: Click here
3×04 The Magician: Click here 
3×05 The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak: Click here
3×06 Guilty: Click here
3×07 Draw Back Your Bow: Click here
3×08 The Brave and the Bold: Click here
3×09 The Climb: Click here
3×10 Left Behind: Click here 
3×11 Midnight City: Click here
3×12 Uprising: Click here
3×13 Canaries: Click here
3×14 The Return: Click here
3×15 Nanda Parbat: Click here 
3×16 The Offer: Click here 
3×17 Suicidal Tendencies: Click here
3×18 Public Enemy: Click here
3×19 Broken Arrow: Click here
3×20 The Fallen: Click here | 875 UHQ of the Olicity Scene 
3×21 Al Sah-him: Click here 
3×22 This is Your Sword: Click here 
3×23 My Name is Oliver Queen: Click here

The Flash Crossover Episodes (Season 1 of The Flash) 

1×01 Pilot: Click here
1×08 Flash vs. Arrow: Click here 
1×22 Rogue Air: Click here


Arrow & The Flash – Superhero Fight Club: Click here
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow First Look Trailer: Click here

Season 4

Arrow Season 4 Trailers & Clips:  Screencaps from the Season 3 DVD clip |
4×01 Green Arrow: Click here
4×02 The Candidate: Click here
4×03 Restoration: Click here
4×04 Beyond Redemption: Click here
4×05 Haunted: Click here
4×06 Lost Souls: Click here
4×07 Brotherhood: Click here 
4×08 Legends of Yesterday: Click here
4×09 Dark Waters: Click here
4×10 Blood Debt: Click here 
4×11 A.W.O.L: Click here
4×12 Unchained: Click here 
4×13 Sins of the Father: Click here 
4×14 Code of Silence: Click here 
4×15 Taken: Click here 
4×16 Broken Hearts: Click here
4×17 Beacon of Hope: Click here 
4×18 Eleven-Fifty-Nine: Click here 
4×19 Canary Cry: Click here
4×20 Genesis: Click here 
4×21 Monument Point: Click here
4×22 Lost in the Flood: Click here
4×23 Schism: Click here 

The Flash Crossover Episodes (Season 2 of The Flash) 

2×08 Legends of Today: Click here 

Legends of Tomorrow Crossover Episodes (Season 1 of LoT)

1×01 Pilot Part 1: Click here 
1×06 Star City 2046: Click here 


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  4. Hello, Thanks for this Site! its awesome! Thanks for All The Work you Have Done, Hope You Do More

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  5. Stumbled onto this awesome site, any chance u can make zip files for the screen caps so its easier to save. keep up the great work


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